Two very exciting updates to share! The first one is that Double Up Drive has partnered with The Life You Can Save. Double Up Drive started as a small project with one volunteer (hey Stephanie!) and ended up growing to the point where we were managing millions of dollars every year. In 2020, we had some challenges and growing pains.

I felt we had grown past the point of just functioning with some (really really great) volunteers. TLYCS is a great org that already has plenty of infrastructure in place. They are able to help us with plenty of back end operations and general guidance. In exchange, Double Up Drive will help TLYCS  fundraise and spread the word about effective giving. And they seem to think I have some degree of competence, in whatever it is that I do, and I will help them however they see fit. 🙂

Keeping costs down is a huge priority so that donors are confident their money is being donated efficiently. I believe managing expenses will continue to be very low, and my intention is to keep paying for them out of my own pocket, like I have done the last several years .

The other piece of news is we have a large addition to our matching pool this year. A friend reached out and said he knew someone looking to donate a bunch of money, but wasn’t sure where to donate, or a way to do it easily. I was linked up with the crypto trader “Light,” and he liked what he heard about Double Up Drive, and trusted our mutual friend as a reference… He decided to pledge $1 million dollars!

This was exactly part of my vision with Double Up Drive, so it is very special to see it come into fruition. With TLYCS’s help, we will have the framework to receive our first of many crypto donations. I am very optimistic and see great things in our future.

-Dan Smith