You Donate. We Match.

Thank you to all our donors, our match goal of US$3 million has been reached!!

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Amount donated per charity in our end of year 2021 drive all matched dollar-for-dollar.

80,000 Hours:  $41,766

Against Malaria Foundation:  $987,062

Animal Charity Evaluators:  $414,582

Centre for Effective Altruism:  $44,341

Clean Air Task Force:  $178,105

Evidence Action:  $186,954

Founders Pledge: $246,963

International Refugee Assistance Project:  $66,135

New Incentives:  $99,785

StrongMinds  $157,725

The Good Food Institute: $437,680

The Life You Can Save: $150,697

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*It won’t be matched but it will be used to match any donations received during our next drive.