2020 brought change for all and has been a big year for Double Up Drive. We have already run three drives and raised over $900,000 to benefit GiveDirectly, StrongMinds, and Fair & Just Prosecution. I was worried that these would diminish our December matching potential, but we still have almost $700,000 in matching funds available for our annual drive, which launches today. You can find all of the details on our website.

In addition, Double Up Drive earned its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status! Thanks largely to the hard work of some really generous volunteers, we can process credit card donations at much lower than industry standard rates. It’s really cool how Double Up Drive keeps growing, and we are still mostly running on people volunteering their time to help. Double Up Drive is one of the most efficient ways to make the biggest impact with your donation.

Adding a charitable aspect to my life has made a huge improvement in how I feel about my role in the world, and the place that poker and gambling have in my life. When my actions didn’t align with my core beliefs, I was left feeling unfulfilled. If you have ever felt the same pull to focus more on giving, I hope you will give some thought to how you might make more of an impact.

2020 has obviously been a crazy year. While a lot of the world struggled, some circles have thrived – online poker action has been plentiful, crypto is flourishing and financial markets have been kind to some. However 2020 has treated you, if you are in a position to contribute I hope you will consider doing so.

Thanks for your consideration, and please reach out with any comments or questions. Happy Holidays,
Dan Smith